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Prior to the start of compulsory education, every child is entitled to receive three terms of funded early years education. Children in Becket Primary School Nursery are entitled to a part time place for a maximum of 15 hours per week.  Some children are entitled to 30 hours if their parents meet the qualifying criteria (more info here).  They cannot usually join the Nursery until the start of the term which falls after their third birthday. Application forms can be obtained form the school office or Click Here To Open The Waiting List Form.



All admissions to Becket Primary School are made through the Local Authority.  See the procedures below on how do apply for a school place.

·     apply online – it’s quick and easy. You can also use this to track your application process

 ·    apply by phone on 01332 642725 – this will take around 10 minutes and you will need to know the name of the school you are applying to

 ·   apply using a paper form – telephone 01332 642730 to ask them to send you one.

They will then process your application form according to how you have ranked your schools and you should receive a written decision from them within 15 working days.

For further information:-

Email: primary.admissions@derby.gov.uk
Post address: Admissions
The Council House
Corporation Street
Phone: 01332 642728
Minicom: 01332 256666

 For children starting in Reception Class, all applications must be submitted to the Local Authority by their prescribed application date.  Admission arrangements for Sept 2019 can be found here.

The School Admission Appeals Code 2012 at Section 2.1 states that appeals for applications made in the normal admissions round, which in this case is Reception and Junior applications for September 2019/20, must be heard within 40 school days from the deadline for lodging appeals.  With these dates in mind and just for guidance, Derby City Council has set the following dates for their appeal closing dates and hearings for students starting school in September 2019 or moving to Junior School in September 2019.


Primary/Infant/Junior School Appeals


Action Date
National offer date for all Infant/Junior and Primary Schools Tuesday 16 April 2019
Closing date for all Infant, Junior and Primary school appeals for Community or Voluntary Controlled Schools and Academies who have bought into our Appeals Sold Service Wednesday 05 June 2019
Infant/Junior and Primary School appeal hearing dates for Community or Voluntary Controlled Schools and Academies who have bought into our Appeals Sold Service Thursday 20 June 2019

Friday 21 June 2019

W/C 24 June 2019

W/C 01 July 2019

W/C 08 July 2019

W/C 15 July 2019

Monday 22 July – Wednesday 24 July 2019

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