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Welcome to SchoolCal, our school communication platform. 

We will be now using SchoolCal to share news, information and updates with parents and governors. SchoolCal is a web, mobile and smartphone app based platform that will enable us to share school activities with you easily.

We will be able to send messages, reminders, pictures, diary dates and documents directly to you.

For further information or general FAQs please visit the SchoolCal support site (https://schoolcal.zendesk.com)

All School needs from you is your email address.

  1. You will receive an email invite from mailto:notifications@school-cal.co.uk containing your login details (if you have not yet provided an up to date email to school please contact the school office)
  2. If you have a smartphone download our app from the Google Play and Apple App stores by searching ‘SchoolCal App’
  3. Log into your account either via an app or online at app.school-cal.co.uk and personalise your profile


For more information visit www.school-cal.co.uk/welcome

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