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Becket Primary School’s Senior Leadership Team

Headteacher:      Mrs S James                          

Assistant Head:  Mrs D Murphy (Early Years Man./Extended Schools Manager/Numeracy Coordinator)

Assistant Head:  Mrs R Varley (Inclusion Man./Nurture Group Manager/Music Coordinator)                      

Year 4 Teacher: Mrs E Stewart (KS2 Leader / Science Coordinator)    

Year 2 Teacher:  Mrs D Chilvers (KS1 Leader / Literacy Coordinator)


Becket Primary School’s Class Teachers

Year 6:        Mrs E Stewart

Year 5:         Miss L Jones

Year 4:         Miss C Paskin

Year 3:         Mr I Ridgway (Humanities Coordinator)

Year 2:         Mrs D Chilvers

Year 1:         Miss  H Durose (ICT  Coordinator KS2)

Reception:  Mrs L Swaby / Mrs B Swords

Nursery:      Mrs H Padda (R.E Coordinator)


Becket Primary School’s Non Class Teachers

Extended School Teacher:        Ms J Flewitt (Extended Schools and P.E Coordinator)

EAL Teacher:                              Mrs D Watkins (EAL and Drama Coordinator)

Additional Teaching Support:  Mrs L Page


Becket Primary School’s Learning Mentors                     

Mr M Chell


Becket Primary School’s Teaching Assistants                

Mrs B Walton                                 Mrs A Coopearson                  Ms V Lobley

Miss N McNamara                         Mrs V Ward

Miss B Staves                                Mrs E Biring                            Mrs A Lawrenson

Mrs K Walker                                 Mrs P Akhtar                           Mrs R Bramley


Becket Primary School’s Office Staff & Caretaker

School Bursar:             Miss J Burley

Administrator:              Mrs A Tooth

Caretaker:                     Mr P Moore


Becket Primary School’s Kitchen Staff

Catering Manager:    Mrs G Harding

Assistant Manager:   Mrs S Litchfield

Kitchen Assistants:

Mrs K Webster        Miss B Lee           Mr I Chalkley


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