Communication and Interaction

“My child has difficulties with Communication and Interaction”

There are a number of reasons why children have communication and/or interaction difficulties. It may be because:

  • They have difficulty understanding what is being said to them (referred to as receptive language difficulties)
  • They have difficulty saying what they want to (referred to as expressive language difficulties)
  • They do not understand how to use the social rules of communication
  • Your child may be diagnosed with an identified condition such as Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), Asperger’s Syndrome, Attachment Disorder, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome which affects the development of communication and interaction language skills
  • Your child has a speech sound disorder or delay e.g. stammering (sometimes referred to as dysfluency)

The profile for every child with communication and interaction difficulties is different and their needs change over time. They may have difficulty with one, some or all of the different aspects of speech, language or social communication at different times of their lives. Children with ASD or Asperger’s are likely to have particular difficulties with social interaction and this can affect how they relate to others and the development of their friendships.

Provision and Support: What can Becket offer?

Support for targeted groups of pupils may include:

Targeted individual support may include:

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