Parent / Teacher Association

The Parent Teacher Association is an integral part of the school community. It has been a tremendous source of help and support to the school over the last few years. The PTA isn’t a small committee of people. It’s every mum, dad, carer and member of staff who help to fundraise for the school – whether you organise an event, bake cakes for a sale, help to sell raffle tickets or help to tidy up the hall after a school disco.

Last year the PTA raised more than £17000 by holding events in school and by winning grants and crowdfunding.  This was spent on things that wouldn’t otherwise be provided for our children. It helped keep down the cost of school trips, bought a new library for Key Stage 1 and filled both libraries with lots of new books.  It also paid for the pergola on the back playground and enabled the children to see a Pantomime in school.

Anyone can come to the meetings: they are the place where ideas are put forward and events planned, and the more people who come, the better the meetings are!

The PTA is grateful to all parent/carers who find time to help during their busy lives. As you can appreciate however, the PTA needs a strong team of volunteers to commit to keep it functioning.

“Simply put, we aim to raise funds to enhance the children’s learning experiences and help them to have fun!”

If you are interested in becoming a member of the PTA, it currently has two parent Co-Chairs, Mrs Aimee Roberts-Nichols and Mrs Deborah Judd who are happy to talk to you on the playground.  Alternatively, please let Mrs Swaby, Mrs Walton or Miss Burley in the School Office know.

Dates of Future Meetings

Currently on hold until more people are allowed into school (Covid-19 regulations)

Upcoming Events

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Minutes of Previous Meetings