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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 11

How is Becket Primary School accessible to children with SEND?

  • Becket is fully compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) requirements
  • We have a disabled toilet with a shower and changing table
  • We have a sensory room called “The Rainbow Room”
  • Teaching resources and equipment used are equally accessible to all children
  • The Breakfast Club and After-school provision is accessible to all children
  • All children have an equal opportunity to go on all school visits. Extra support is provided if required. Risk assessments are always carried out in line with health and safety legislation
  • Simple adaptations can be made for specific needs e.g. organisation of classroom furniture, specific seating arrangements for children who are hearing impaired
  • We can access the support of the Physical Impairment Advisory Teachers via STePS and the Occupational and Physiotherapy Team should we require any specialised equipment e.g. sloping boards, adapted chairs etc.
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