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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 13

How will we support you child when they are joining Becket Primary? Leaving Becket Primary? Moving to another class?

Transition can be a difficult, anxious and unsettling time for some children with or without SEND. We aim to ensure that any transition is as smooth as possible.

If you child is moving classes in school:

As there is only one class per year group and the staff numbers relatively small, most children at least recognise the staff in school. As the year progresses, a number of arrangements occur which help to ease transition worries:

  • Within each Key Stage, trips and events are shared between classes giving children and the teachers the opportunity to get to know each other
  • Classes work together to provide opportunities for peer support e.g. Paired Reading
  • Teachers may choose to team-teach in a particular curriculum subject to develop and transfer skills
  • Transition sessions “Moving Up Day” are organised at the end of the summer term in which children move into their new class and work with their new teacher
  • Teachers will also meet with each other to share all relevant information

If you child is joining us from another school:

  • The Head Teacher will meet with you, as parents/carers during which any difficulties or concerns can be discussed prior to your child starting
  • You and your child will be shown around school
  • If your child is starting in Nursery, play visits are arranged
  • If your child is starting Reception, you will be invited to attend an information meeting
  • Class teachers make arrangements to ‘buddy’ your child with a member of the class whilst thy become familiar with the routines
  • Your child will immediately be placed on the Learning Mentor Cohort List as “New to School” which alerts the Learning Mentor to your child. The LM will introduce himself to your child, monitor how your child is settling and ensure your child is included during social times e.g. playtimes
  • The SENCo will be informed if your child has or may have a SEND
  • The EAL Support Teacher will be informed if your child has English as an Additional Language and arrange to meet with you
  • Your child’s records will be sent from their previous school and, if necessary, that school will be contacted
  • If your child would be helped by a book/passport to support them in understanding moving on, then one will be made for them containing photos of their class and teachers to help familiarise

If your child is moving to another school:

  • We will contact the school’s SENCo to ensure he/she knows about any special arrangements/support your child needs. Your child’s new SENCo is very welcome to visit Becket to observe and meet your child prior to moving on
  • We will ensure that all records about your child are passed on as soon as possible

In Year 6:

Our Year 6 pupils move to a range of secondary schools. During this transition process, events take place during the summer term organised by the secondary schools themselves.

  • Transition meetings take place between secondary and Y6 class teachers every year
  • The SENCo will discuss the specific needs of your child with the SENCo or other designated member of staff of your child’s secondary school
  • Your child will visit their new school and, if needed, additional transition sessions can be arranged as part of the transition
  • In some cases, staff from the new school will visit your child at Becket
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