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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 14

How do we support your child’s emotional and social development and their overall wellbeing?

We recognise that some children have extra emotional and social needs that need to be developed and nurtured. These needs can manifest themselves in a number of ways including behavioural difficulties, anxiety and struggling to communicate effectively.

  • We are an anti-bullying school and take any forms of bullying very seriously
  • All classes follow a structured PSHE (Personal, Social, Health and Education) and Citizenship curriculum to support this development
  • All classes also have a weekly ‘R’ Time session and Circle Time to enhance their PSHE curriculum
  • All staff have a responsibility to support children’s emotional and social development and to encourage their overall well-being
  • The school employs a Learning Mentor whose role is to help support children who might be struggling with emotional or social needs for whatever reason. Their role becomes more involved if the child’s needs become more complex and long-term.
  • The LM meets regularly with the SENCo to discuss any concerns they may have and to plan programmes of support
  • The Learning Mentor and SENCo are happy to meet with and work with you as parents/carers providing a “shoulder to cry on” and to talk about ideas/strategies to help support at home
  • Becket has designated a special room called “The Base” which is staffed by the SENCo and Learning Mentor. This room is set up to provide a “safe and quiet retreat” for all children who are struggling in the classroom for whatever reason. In The Base, your child will be supported with the objective always being to help your child reach a point where they feel able and confident enough to return to the classroom and their learning. The Base is also used for 1:1 and small group teaching. A log is kept of all children who seek support in The Base and the reason.

*Please refer to the section entitled “My child has difficulties with their social and emotional development” for detail about specific provision that can be put in place

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