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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 15

What is the Nurture Group?

Nurture Groups are acknowledged as an effective and successful early intervention for pupils with behavioural, emotional and/or social difficulties.

Becket has its own Nurture Group (called ‘The Nest’) for children in Key Stage 1. The Nurture Group is a time-limited intervention for 2 terms and is run for 4 afternoons each week (1.30-3.00pm). The group supports 3 children and is run by a TA who is a highly experienced Nurture practitioner. The SENCo manages the Nurture Group.

All children who attend the group are will be on the SEND Register at SEND Support; they may be undergoing assessment for an EHCP. Parents/carers agree to a placement.

There are a range of reasons why a child may be considered for a placement in Nurture but in general, they will be presenting with a range of social, emotional and/or behavioural difficulties which include:

  • Being withdrawn, unresponsive and reluctant to communicate
  • Having difficulty forming trusting relationships with others (peers and/or adults)
  • Being restless, finding it difficult to listen, behaving impulsively or aggressively
  • Attachment difficulties
  • A history of having struggled to settle in Foundation Stage and not presenting as ‘mainstream ready’
  • Having a developmental delay (diagnosed or indicated by Foundation Stage assessments)

You can find out more about the Nurture Group by visiting the relevant part of the school website.

Below are some of the comments parents, carers and visitors have said about our Nurture Group:

Thank you for the wonderful job you do. Your facility is beyond words. From the first visit, you made us feel that you wanted our child and that was such a marvellous feeling. Carry on the good work!

You and Nurture Group are a shining example of all four standards of compassion, attitude, respect and equality (CARE); of course, not forgetting the school as a whole.

My child has learnt how to deal with a classroom environment better than before

The staff have all been great, from the first visit when I saw that they wanted him rather than ‘put up’ with him.

I can’t think of any way the group can improve, short of moving in with them at home!

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