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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 18

Question 18: What have other parents of children with SEND said about us?

The teachers are excellent and supportive.

School are as supportive as they possibly can be and we thank them for that.

My child has become part of a school that WANTS him.

School always make sure I am kept up to speed with how my child is getting on.

In a time where government pressure makes education easily ‘results’ focused, your commitment to real lives is refreshing.

I cannot thank the school enough for all the help and support my child has been given and to help my child grow into a confident person no matter how much my child struggles.

The understanding between families and school – Becket has been a rock for my child and myself as a parent.

It is nice and very helpful knowing staff are there to talk to especially at times when it feels like you are the only parent experiencing this or you have done something wrong as a parent….I would like to praise the team at school for helping my child so much and helping him find his way.

The staff have been exceptional with my son’s individual needs, with the correct support and emphasis on his development, his progress academically and more importantly emotionally and socially.

The staff have been very good with my son and helpful with his special needs. They have made him feel happy and confident and part of his class rather than feel isolated.

Thank you for always being there at the end of a phone or for a quick chat.

Staff are very sensitive, very helpful.

You’ve got your heart in it.

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