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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 4

How is SEND support allocated to children?

The school is allocated a budget by Derby City LA. This budget includes money for supporting children with SEND.

The Head Teacher decides on the deployment of resources for SEND in consultation with the school governors on the basis of needs in the school.

The Head Teacher discusses all the information about SEND in the school with the SENCO. This discussion includes which children currently receive additional support, which children need extra support, which children have been identified as not making as much progress as expected, what the school already has in place to meet these needs and what resources and training are required.

Resources, training and support are reviewed regularly and changes made as necessary.

Each class has a Provision Map which identifies those children receiving additional support, what that support is and the resources involved in that support.

If your child’s needs become more complex and meet certain criteria, additional funding can be applied for via the Derby City SEND Funding Pathway.

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