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SEND Information Report FAQ Question 9

How will you help me as a parent/carer of a child with SEND?

At Becket, we operate an ‘open door’ policy. We are happy to talk with parents/carers at any time and will always arrange a mutually convenient time.

  • Your child’s class teacher is always your first point of contact and is available to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have. Simply ask them when you see them e.g. first thing in the morning or at home-time if they have time to see you then or arrange a convenient time. Alternatively phone the school (01332 347595). If they are not available, the class teacher will call you back as soon as convenient.
  • The SENCo is available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns/worries you may have. The SENCo does not have a classroom based teaching role and therefore has some flexibility with time.
  • The Learning Mentor is also available to talk to you as is the Head Teacher
  • Two Parent’s Evenings are held each year. The first in the autumn term (which gives you the opportunity to find out how your child is settling into their new class) and the spring term (which provides the opportunity to talk about your child’s progress and look at their schoolwork). In the summer term, a ‘Meet the Teacher’ evening is held at which you meet your child’s new teacher for the following year and find out about the curriculum and expectations.
  • Individual Education/Behaviour Plans are individually reviewed every term and you will be invited to attend. If you are unable to attend, the SENCo will make every effort to re-arrange the meeting. If this is not possible, the SENCo will arrange another time with to discuss the outcome of the meeting and obtain your views
  • If your child has an Education, Health, Care Plan (EHCP) there will also be an Annual Review meeting with all professionals involved with your child
  • All information from outside professionals will be discussed with you with the person involved directly or, where this is not possible, in a report.
  • For some children a home-school contact book may be used to support communication with you if this has been agreed as appropriate for your child’s needs
  • The Derby SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) are also available to offer impartial advice in confidence (Tel: 01332 641414 or email: SENDIASS@derby.gov.uk)
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