Year 1

Mrs Swords

In Year 1 children enjoying learning about a variety of topics and themes.

In numeracy, children continue to develop their using and applying skills and they learn about number patterns, shapes, measuring, money and data handling through a variety of games and practical activities. Children are regularly set challenges with the intention of finding the answer to solve a real life problem.

In literacy, children continue to develop their reading, writing and phonic skills. They take part in guided reading activities and learn about traditional tales and non-fiction texts. Children plan and write stories and take part in role play and writing activities. They take part in Big Writing which is a fortnightly activity that encourages children to write independently to produce a piece of excellent quality writing. Children practice their handwriting skills on a daily basis and monitor their own progress through letter formation target cards.

In Humanities children learn about another country, a famous person from the past and holidays from the past and present. Children research places around the world through books, internet and postcards. They begin to look at maps and are encouraged to recognise a number of countries on a world map. Visits to local museums help children to understand the differences and similarities between past and present, with the main focus being upon toys and houses and homes.

In Science children find out about light and sound, materials, forces, growing and ourselves. They take part in investigations and experiments and they begin to record their findings. Children are encouraged to explore a range of new vocabulary and are encouraged to predict what will happen before taking part in investigations.

The children enjoy singing a range of songs, finding out about special places and continue to develop their social skills through paired activities and team work. The children regularly visit local facilities such as museums in the city centre, St Lukes church, the Quad and the library.

Children are encouraged to use their creativity in art and DT. They make models, draw portraits and design and construct moving objects. Children enjoy exploring a range of resources such as wood, clay, boxes and paper.

In terms of reward systems, children are encouraged to work individually,  in pairs, teams and as a whole class. They are rewarded for their own personal merits and are encouraged to work as a team to gain team points. The class as a whole is also rewarded for filling up their class jar with coloured cubes.

As part of our Literacy work, the children had to write instructions for making jam sandwiches. They then got to eat them!


The children in Year 1 took part in a Numeracy challenge to build a dog house for our class dog, Scruffy. They had to use rulers and other objects to help them make sure it was just the right size for Scruffy. 

Phonics and spelling

All the children sit tests  each term and are placed in a streamed phonics and spelling group  across year 1 and 2, with new spellings sent home each Tuesday.s


PE is on Thursday afternoons. Please can you label your child’s PE kit with their name and make sure it is in school every week.s

Achieve in Reading

Children in Year 1 are given the opportunity to gain confidence in reading and writing by receiving 1 to 1 lessons with our ‘Achieve in Reading’ teacher Mrs Page. 

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